In today’s volatile market, mortgage and investment professionals need rapid access to valuation and inspection solutions that provide local-market insight not found in automated  methods.

Our platform is designed from the ground-up to insure that every instruction is communicated to the local-market expert. This ensures from the start that agents provide you with the insight you need to meet important business requirements. We have thousands of trained real estate professionals nationwide that are ready to perform expert valuations and inspections. We know how important an agent panel is, so that’s why our staff is committed to continually recruiting and training the highest- qualified professionals in every market.

We perform thousands of monthly inspections, loan and deed signings, initial services and reoccurring services on all types of properties and have extensive experience offering a full spectrum of inspection types including Pre-foreclosure Loss Mitigation, FHA/VA, 203k, Loss Draft Insurance, Quality Control, Pest, Code Compliance and Life Safety assessments.

KeyLink provides several options to meet the needs of our clients. From traditional, single opinion BPOs to innovative multi-sourced valuation opinions, KeyLink has the best options and resources in the market.